Popular Visionary Artist Wrenna Monet will perform at the Gem and Jam Festival 2020 in Tucson, AZ, January 31 to February 2, the first stop on her world music festival tour. This will be Monet’s first performance at the music festival staged at the Pima County Fairgrounds.

“I am honored and extremely excited to be a part of the magic at Gem & Jam. I have been wanting to attend this festival for years.” said Monet. “I can't wait to check out all the precious stones. I am a rock hound myself and am a bit obsessed with crystals, so I know this will be an experience of a lifetime."

Monet will also be shooting a television pilot entitled Wrennagade, featuring segments of her experiences at Gem and Jam, and her epic story of recovery, self-awareness, acceptance and success.

About 10 years ago, Wrenna Monet was working on a squid boat of the shore of Mexico when the boat encountered a major storm that wreaked havoc on the vessel and crew. Wrenna was knocked unconscious by the led line, a massive tangled up ball of led that was attached to a boom.

This event is described was described in a beautiful award-winning documentary entitled Fire and Ice. Also it is describe in a wonder podcast Be The Light. (15 minutes in.) It was a turning point in her life. What happened to her next is a remarkable story of recovery and rebirth, including complete memory loss, a blood clot in her brain, stroke like symptoms, and time in a traumatic brain injury hospital to relearn how to be 2 an independent person again. To heal, she experimented with mind altering psychedelics including ayahuasca which is helped her get her memories back.

One of her basic memories is that her grandfather was an artist and her mom is a prolific artist who taught her art growing up in a small cottage with no electricity or running water as a bush baby in a rural fishing village in Southeast, Alaska.

To re-create her identity again, after receiving a settlement from the fishing incident, she bought a beautiful home with a small art studio overlooking the ocean in Oregon; she paid for the best doctors; and then sought out the best master artists. She only knew who she was because of her Facebook, searching herself on Google, and taking the drug ayahuasca which gave her a timeline for her life.

About five years ago, Monet started to go to festivals like Burning Man, and many more to try to be independent and find herself after being under the care of her mother for years. During that rediscovery she found psychedelics to help her heal from her depression and emptiness. She saw people painting live at festivals. Coming from an artistic family she decided to take a painting class with a master visionary painter Amanda Sage & Alex Grey.

It was like a divine reincarnation that has brought her back full circle to Hollywood, where she is extremely determined to help empower others with her passion in art, music, performing and plant-based healing. Monet is a sought after live visionary and performing artist (Oregon Eclipse Festival, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Burning Man, Still Dream, Coachella, Northern Nights Music Festival, Lucidity, Envision, Shambalah, Enchanted Forrest, and many more) worldwide.

In 2020, she will begin shooting an unscripted television show entitled Wrennagade. There will also be a magazine and online website by the same name to showcase her future exploits. The Editor of the magazine will be the former Editor of Elevate – California, Stephen McCamman.

The television show will be produced by Traveling Star Production with Oscar and Emmy winning producer Gray Frederickson as the Executive Producer. Before the accident, Monet was a successful actress and model. She appeared in Playboy, Maxim, and Shirley of Hollywood’s 60th Anniversary Catalog, History Channel’s History of Lingerie, the Movie Lakeview Terrace, and the prestigious Benchwarmer Card Collection. She was also a host for Red Carpet events and TV travelogues. She has been a cover model for One & Only Magazine, Two Wheel Tuner Magazine, Caribbean Tan Calendar, Makes & Models Magazine, Modified Mustangs Magazine, Bikini Girls USA Magazine, LA Nightly Magazine, KROWN Magazine and many more.

Just recently, she painted what may become her most famous vision. Her experiences parralled with Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson’s rebirth and healing. About four months ago, Monet saw a segment on Mike Tyson on ESPN where he went through an amazing transformation, a revalational experience with DMT from a Sonoran Toad. It changed his life. So, she combined his experience and hers, and created the Ancient Future: The Tyson Toad. In December, Monet presented Tyson the painting. He has subsequently invited Monet to be featured on his Podcast Hot Boxin’ to tell her story, and represent Tyson Ranch CBD products. Over the past 10 years, she has become an expert on plant-based healing.

“For the past 10 years I have been trying to rediscover myself,” said Monet. “And, I guess what it come down to, is that my paintings, the television show, the magazine, the special appearance are about sharing alternative paths to physical health, mental health, self-awareness, and finding that inner light that shines in all of us.”


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