ISA Original Painting

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“ISA”, Original for sale.


Acrylic on stretched canvas



Painted during 2020

ISA is part of a rune deck I will eventually be creating.   "ISA Rune" The winter of spiritual life is upon you. You may find yourself feeling judgement, self ridicule, having self realizations. You may find yourself feeling powerless, depressed, lost. This is a time to surrender, be patient, & submit. Maybe even change the course of your journey to go more towards what feels right, but now is not a time for rash decisions. This is a time to freeze, work on old habits, do self reflection work to crack into yourself like ice through your crevasses. Sitting with the things you have frozen will allow them to thaw. If you have been feeling distant with yourself, your purpose, your path, now is a time to turn inward. Seek to work on what no longer serves you during your isolation and hibernation. Release your entanglement in the web of your ice, melting your heart come spring. Like the polar bear in harsh winters, we must sometimes retreat when things get harsh, the polar bear submitting and surrendering to thyself is courageous and brings wisdom. Like the mountains we climb to over come the self & conqur the "I". It is never a comfortable process, but you must trust it to get to the valley below. We would not appreciate the warmth of summer without the ice of ISA.

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