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Wrenna Monet
Newport Oregon
Instagram: @artist_wrenna_monet
Facebook: @artistwrennamonet WM


To heal, inspire, awaken, and motivate who we all are through the messages, visions and narratives communicated through my work and lectures. To guide others to understanding how art can be used as a tool for personal transformation, spiritual and planetary growth.


Book Cover: Sunstoppable Beacon ~ Anthony John Amyx
Newport, Oregon. Dec, 2020

Book Cover: Ancient Psychedelia~ Alien Gods & Mushroom Goddesses ~  Author Josh Bempechat
Newport, Oregon. Jan, 2019

10ft x 10ft Mural: Casa Del Sol Yoga Center: Artist in Resident
La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico. Feb 2018

5 Day Workshop/ Instructor: How to start a visionary painting
La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico. Feb 2018

Day Workshop/ Instructor: Parents & children painting class
La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico. Feb 2018


Michael Fuchs, Paradise One: The Soul of Every Painting Byron Bay, Australia. March 2019
Studied with master Michael Fuchs on elements of Fa presto oil painting and the fine art of pictorial choreography.

Autumn Skye Morrison: Soul Portrait Retreat
Cancun, Mexico. March 2018
Studied with master Autumn Skye Morrison on the fundamentals of how to create a self-portrait, for a week seminar in Cancun, Mexico.

Jonathen Solter, Amanda Sage & Laurence Caruana: VAVA Academy
Vienna, Austria. Jan-April, 2017
Painting intensive studying all forms of visionary art, oil and acrylic painting, surrealism, psychedelic art, transformational vision work, layering, mix media techniques and history of visionaries. Studied with instructor & master visionary surrealist painters Amanda Sage and Jonathan Solter, for five weeks each with assistance from master visionary painter, surrealist & author, Laurence Caruana. 

Amanda Sage, Daniel Mirante & Adam Scott Miller: Visionary Art Academy
Ventimiglia, Italy. July 2016 Studied visions in the Mischtechnik, how to start a visionary painting, self-expression of visions, the spirituality of art, how to make your own glazes, how to mix mediums, egg tempera, tempera grassa, and studied old painting techniques for a month at castle Torre Supperiore. With master visionary artists, Adam Scott Miller, Daniel Mirante, and Amanda Sage. Under the guidance and support of artist Laurence Caruana, founder of the VaVa Academy.
Amanda Sage: Painting w/ Light Workshop Los Angeles, CA. Sept 2015 Studied with master painter Amanda Sage, on how to paint with light in the Mischtechnik, worked on a self- portrait for a week. 

Santa Rosa Junior College: Michael McGinnis & Michael Loffredo Santa Rosa, CA. 2014-2015 Art therapy, psych, painting with Michael Loffredo, & sculpture with Michael McGinnis. 

Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA. 2007-2008 Art education, ceramics, studied 3D drawing, calligraphy, and American Art History. “A” student.

David Woodie: How to paint a model
Juneau, Alaska. Summer 2012 Private tutor for the summer, once or twice a week, 4-5 hours a day. Worked on painting a live model, drawing a live model, basic anatomy, how to draw hands, eyes, the body, skin tone colors, learned basic painting techniques, mischtechnik, glazes, shading, blending, lighting, how to stretch a painting, and how to prep a painting.

Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, CA. 2005-2006
Color theory, theatre, drawing and painting.

Graduated Juneau Douglas High School 2003
Juneau, Alaska, 2003
Four years of art & ceramics. Fourth place state wrestling champion 2000, and volleyball athlete. First woman to take first place at 112lbs in Southeast, Alaska State Wrestling Tournaments & USA Wrestling 1999 & 2000.


  • Desert Dwellers show: Live Painter. Reno, Nevada. April 2022
  • Pagan Ritual/ gathering: Live Painter. Boulder, CO. March 2022
  • Living Prism NYE: Live Painter, Portland, OR. New Years 2022
  • Pagan Ritual/ Liquid Bloom: Live Painter, Boulder, CO. April 2021
  • Gem & Jam Music Festival: Live Painter - Tucson, AZ. Jan 2020
  • Sphongle Show: Live Painter -  San Francisco, CA Dec 2019
  • RITUAL, Living Prisms Event: Live Painter - Portland, OR. Oct 2019
  • ORBIT, Living Prisms Event: Live Painter - Portland, OR. Sept 2019
  • Shambhala Music Festival: Live Painter - Salmo, Canada. Aug 2019
  • SOL, Living Prisms Event: Live Painter - Portland, OR. July 2019
  • Northern Nights Music Festival: Live Painter - Piercy, CA. July 2019
  • Cosmic Cabaret: Live Painter -  Los Angeles, CA. June 2019
  • Still Dream Festival: Live Painter & pop up gallery - Wilseyville, CA. June 2019
  • Jonstock Festival: Live painter - Hillsboro, OR. April 2019 
  • Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Full Moon Gathering: Live Painter - Wappinger Falls, NY. Jan 2019
  • Emerald Cannabis Cup 2018: Live Painter - Santa Rosa, CA. Dec 2018
  • DIRTWIRE & Moon Tricks, The Road Goes All Night Tour: Live Painter - Eugene & Portland, OR. Nov 2018
  • Shambhala Music Festival: Live Painter opening ceremony & in the Grove Gallery. - Salmo, Canada. Aug 2018
  • Still Dreams Festival 2018: Live Painter & Pop up Gallery - Wilseyville, CA. June 2018 
  • Emissions Festival 2018: Live Painter -  Belden, CA. May 2018
  • A-Bun-Dance Enchantment: Live Painter - Los Angeles, CA. April 2017
  • City Hearts: Live Painter -  San Francisco, CA. Sept 2017
  • Solo Exhibition, Featured Artist. Portland Underground Art Walk. Portland, Oregon. Mar-May 2020.
  • Hive Gallery, “The Harvest.” Los Angeles, CA. Feb-Mar 2020.
  • Tribe 13 Gallery, Gem & Jam Music Festival. Tucson, AZ. Jan-Feb 2020.
  • Eagle House Gallery, “Angels, Ancestors, Animal Allies.” Eureka, CA. Feb-April, 2020.
  • Garage Gallery, “Plant Medicine.” Los Angeles, CA. Jan-March 2020.
  • Solo Exhibition, “Monet,” Everett’s Station. Portland, OR Feb-Mar 2020.
  • Solo Exhibition, Viva Mexicana. Sebastopol, CA. Jan-Feb 2020.
  • Tribe 13 Gallery, “Sphongle”. Midway, San Francisco, CA. Dec 2019.
  • Temple Gallery, Beloved Festival. Waldport, OR. Aug 2019
  • Solo Exhibition, Sally’s restraunt. San Francisco, CA. Oct-Jan 2019.
  • Solo Exhibition, “Transcendental Illumination,” Eagle House. Eureka, CA. Sept 2019.
  • Grove Gallery, Shambhala Music Festival, Salmo, BC Canada. Aug 2019.
  • Solo Exhibition, “Serpentine Rising,” Nectar Café. Portland, OR. Nov 2018.
  • Medication Station wall space. Newport, OR. Jan-Dec 2018
  • Grove Gallery, Shambhala Music Festival, Salmo, BC Canada. Aug 2018.
  • “House of Alchemy,” Visionary Art Exhibition, Brighton, London. Brighton Fringe, May 2017.
  • Dream Scape Collective & Gallery, UNTZ Festival, California 2017.
Motivational speaker, muralist, performance artist, live painter, & art instructor. I work with some unique ancient techniques of the masters, including the Mischtechnik, Tempera Grassa, & Encaustics.


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