Adam's Awakening Original Painting

Product image 1Adam's Awakening Original Painting
Product image 2Adam's Awakening Original Painting

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“Adams Awakening"

Acrylic and Oil on Stretched Canvas 

Painted using the Mischtenik Technique

Original Painting Dimensions: 40" x 30”

Frame Dimensions:

Frame Details:


Created for the Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2018, in the Emerald Eden Dome. This painting is about Adam sitting in the Garden of Eden. Above him is and eclipse, where feminine meets masculine. It sparkles down on the Ayahuasca tree, the tree of DMT. He sits in the garden, with marijuana plants, peyote, San Pedro, crystals, sunflowers and the legendary apple. His third eye has opened after eating the apple and being met by Lilith coming out of his missing rib, that he used to have Eve created. Lilith is said to be the serpent in the garden the tempted Adam to eat the apple. In the serpents mouth is the life force of man, the sperm. Through the awakening of Adam, he waters the earth with his knowledge and strength. Which creates new growth and sprouts to shoot up out of the dried land. Signifying that we are in a time of change, growth, nurturing and awakenings.

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